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Ceramic Tile Work

    Ceramic tiles are a good choice because of their durability, resistance to dampness and its ease of cleaning.  Ceramic tiles can range from inexpensive to very expensive, and it's a classic choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Cersmic tiles are formed from clay, shale or porcelain, then fired at very high temperatures until it hardens. The higher the temperature and the more times the tile is fired, the harder and less porous the tile becomes. Ceramic tile comes in many shapes,sizes, patterns and textures. Tile shapes be squares, rectangles,hexagons, and octagons. Accent tiles are narrow-shaped and diamond-shaped.

In order to make the best choice in ceramic tile, you will need to know the following. First of all where will the tile be used? On walls, the floors, or counter tops? Inside or Outside? Will the tile be exposed to wet or freezing conditions? Is it for residential or commercial use? Certain tiles should be used in specific situations. You may like the way the tile looks, but it may not be heavy enough for extended walk areas  like your foyer, or it may absorb water which would not be good for a kitcken or a bathroom.

About 75% of all tile in this country is of standard grade, which is high quality. In regaed to color, remember dark colors make a room appear smaller, while loghter colors open up a room. Cost is also an important factor. Let Total Home Improvement help you with all of your decisions. We will make this process walk in the park. ( on ceramic tile of course)